Mitch Leachman

St. Louis Audubon Society, PO Box 220227, St. Louis, MO 63122


Mitch Leachman, Executive Director of St. Louis Audubon, will give a talk entitled “How to Build Your Own Bird Sanctuary”. He will talk about how to make your yard enticing to all wildlife and how native plants can attract and support bees, birds, butterflies and other creatures. Mitch gave a presentation last March for our annual Ozark Rivers Audubon Chapter Banquet. He is an engaging speaker and has been creating and nurturing his own wildlife sanctuary for several years. He helped develop the St. Louis Audubon “Bring Conservation Home” program, which has been modeled by a number of Missouri cities.

Sarah Havens

University of Missouri Extension Office

200 N. Main, Rolla, MO 65401


Sarah Havens recently joined the staff at the University of Missouri Extension Office in Rolla. She is a Field Specialist in Natural Resources and serves several counties in the state. She is also an advisor for the Meramec Hills Master Naturalists. Sarah will give a talk on invasive plants and will bring specimens for our visitors to learn from.

Chris Wilson, Audubon Conservation Ranching Program and Jake Davis,

Prairiebird Pastures

cwwilson@audubon.org // http://www.prairiebirdpastures.com

Chris Wilson is the Director of the Audubon Conservation Ranching Program. Audubon developed this program to fight grassland degradation and to keep good quality grass on the land. It is a market-based conservation program that offers incentives for good grassland stewardship via a certification label on beef products. Consumers can aid grassland conservation efforts by buying beef from Audubon-certified farms and ranches. Through collaboration with Audubon Dakota, Audubon New Mexico, Audubon Rockies, Audubon Nebraska, Audubon Missouri and Audubon Texas and local ranchers, millions of acres of grassland bird habitat will be improved. A Habitat Management Plan is created for each ranch to benefit target grassland bird species.

Jake and Chelsea Davis, owners of the Root Cellar, care about supporting family farmers and the preservation of Missouri’s birds. By teaming up with ranchers, conservationists and the National Audubon Society, they are making the land work for birds and are providing their delicious 100% grass-fed beef for sale. No hormones or antibiotics are used. Prairiebird Pastures works with Missouri family farmers and ranchers who develop healthy native prairies that are beneficial for grassland birds.